Apache Spark and Scala Training – A Know how

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There are many resources to acquire the Apache Spark and Scala course online as well as on an offline platform. One must simply do a Google search to view tons of different opportunities to learn Apache Spark and Scala in an easy and simplistic manner. But what is Apache Spark? And what is Scala?

Apache Spark is a super fast cluster computer technology that has been designed for fast and lengthy computations. It is primarily based on Hadoop’s Map Reduce concepts and there is an extension to this concept to a more efficient usage of the various types of computations that include the set of stream processing as well as interactive queries. One of the main features of Apache Spark is the large processing speed of the application as well as its cluster computing technique within its memory.

Apache Spark is one of the many sub-projects of Hadoop’s developed in the year of 2009 in UC Berkeley’s AMP Lab by a renowned computer scientist names Matei Zaharia. It was made open source in the year of 2010 and the same was made under the BSD License.

Apache Spark has a very good set of features

Speed: Apache Spark helps an application run in the Hadoop cluster much faster than what it would run on a disk. It is said that the application running on the Hadoop Cluster runs 100 times faster in memory and 10 times faster than a peripheral device like a disk. It is also found that the read/write operations done are stored in the intermediate processing data which is in the memory.

Supports Multiple Language: Spark helps in the provision of built-in APIs that is written in Java, Scala as well as Python. There are various apps that can be written using this.

Advanced Analytics: This is also great in the sense that Spark, not only supports the ‘reduce’ and ‘Map’ features but also supports various SQL queries. It also helps in streaming of data and also in Machine learning as well as Graph Algorithms.

What is Scala?

We see that Scala is a general-purpose programming language. It supports mod of the object-oriented, imperative as well as functional programming approaches. It is a very strong static type programming language. Everything that is written in Scala is considered to be an object.

Any type of applications can be created using Scala such as web apps, enterprise apps, mobile apps, desktop-based apps and so on.

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