Expensive cost of water damage

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When water damage affects a person’s property, both the property and the owner are in total mess. The biggest concern of the owner is that how much the loss will cost.

When we contact flood restoration service,they send their team of professionals to inspect the damaged area for evaluation of flood damage. They will make an estimation of entire damage. If you have a flood insurance claim, then wait for the insurance company’s assigned representative.

The restoration of water damages can be expensive. The cost of repair and restoration is based on many factors. These include the size of damaged area, the severity of damage and the type of water. This means three types of water categories.

The number one category is least expensive to clean up; meaning the damage done by clean water from a faucet or pipeline. Second category is grey water that means the less dirty water from washing machines or dish washer. Third category is the black water which is the contaminated water from sewage or flood, containing debris.

So the cost of every type of water cleaning is different.

The size of the affected area also matters; whether it is the basement only or the whole house including floors, walls and ceilings, the cleaning and restoring of the household items. These items may contain furniture, carpet, upholstery, curtains, wooden chester, clothing, kitchen appliances, personal belongings or books; you name it.

Another factor to consider is the level of the damage. Usually the water damage companies charge by the square foot damage, which will cost less if the area, is small.

Everything that is affected by water needs to be cleaned and dried. Some items like books and carpets need inspection if their condition is good enough to keep. Many things, such as food and water, are so much damaged that they have to be destroyed then.

The damage through water cannot be evaluated in a glance. Before starting the restoration process, every part of the house needs to be checked for the main source of water supply in the house. After locating the main source of problem, the whole area is inspected for the seepage of water in the walls.

The duration of presence of water is also analyzed. How much time has passed since the event happened and the inspection? The more time you let pass, the more the water causes damage. Water not only seeps through the walls and floors, damaging the structure, but the chances of mold growth are big. If the mold is present on inspection, then its cleaning process will cost more.

After whole inspection is completed, only then will you get the estimated cost of the whole cleaning up, repair and restoration process. If the water damage is your fault; because of your negligence or maintenance failure, then you will have to bear the entire cost of the repairs.