Check Out Record Storage Systems: Learn About Shredding Standards

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Since sensitive records are a crucial part of each enterprise, it is essentially important to know how to handle the documents that you wish to get rid of. You have probably heard about the Data Protection Act that tends to protect any individual’s privacy, which is an important consideration.

We recommend you to check here and learn everything about the Data Protection Act in general.

Since this particular act is affecting the workspace, earn to heed specific regulations when it comes to disposing confidential waste, among other things. Generally, businesses are not sure about particular rules that they have to follow when disposing of confidential information.

You have to meet specific shredding regulations and specifications when destroying sensitive data.  Here is something to help you understand the process.

Things to Know About Shredding

In case you decide to outsource a shredding service, it means that you should leave them to think about the standards that they have to comply with. Still, take time to understand everything that comes with each standard so that you can reduce the hassle of doing it yourself.

If you need to shred documents that come with a confidential perspective, you should know that the main goal is to avoid the chance of someone putting it together afterward.

That way, no one can use it against you, and you can make sure that no one is compromised with it. Even though it seems simple, you need to follow two factors that will prevent future reconstruction, including:

  • The volume of documents that you want to shred simultaneously
  • The size of particles

Generally, shredding standards exist to protect businesses, fully understand why you have to make sure to follow the factors we have mentioned above.

Shredding standards are not challenging to follow by yourself, but you can always find shredding service that will do it for you.

DIN Standards

DIN Standards are based on work that operates on International, European or national levels depending on numerous factors. Generally, the German Institute for Standardization implemented an act that will explain to you the process of shredding.

Keep in mind that both confidential and sensitive data comply with high protection requirements. It means that maximum shredded particles have to be at 320mm2.

It would help if you had in mind that this particular standard also related to technical capabilities that you would handle by using shredding equipment.

Besides, it does not consider the commercial shredding of confident data, or it refers to handling and treating confidential materials before its destruction.

CPNI Standard

On the other hand, you have to comply with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure regulations that are classifying documents into three points:

  • Official Documents – It is important to dispose of them with care by using approved regulations that will not allow future reconstruction.
  • Secret Documents – When it comes to secret documents, you should use the approved equipment or certified service providers that will dispose of everything properly.
  • Top Secret Documents – Finally, you have to lessen the probability of reconstruction and retrieval, which is an essential consideration you should make. You need also to implement control methods by witnessing and recording proper destruction during the process.

Based on the latest standards, paper documents that are top secret or just secret need to be shredded in particle size of 60mm2, which means that you should get equipment based on that particular idea.

Since most documents that enter these criteria are sensitive, you will have to follow measures for storing, handling, and transporting them before the destruction process.

It is important to enter this website: so that you can determine the importance of shredding.

BS EN15713:2009

Finally, this is the most important standard you need to consider specially made for use by suppliers and customers outside the outsourcing or using third-party shredding service.

It provides the regulations on all aspects that come with destroying each document with a focus on sustainability and security, among other things.

Minimum standards include physical security of shredding facilities, staff vetting as well as physical security of vehicles used for transporting confidential material.

Therefore, when choosing a shredding company, you should check out whether they comply with all regulations within this particular act so that you can choose them without thinking about the security of your documents.