The Upside Of A Metal Roof Replacement In Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Due to a slew of benefits, metal roof installations are rapidly becoming the norm with Floridian homeowners. Just the past ten years alone, the metal roofing industry has more than tripled! Metal roofs offer longer lifespans, higher wind resistance, low maintenance and are fire-resistant. 

Another consideration that helps propel the trend of metal roof replacements is that of homeowners not moving around as much. When people opt to live in one home for long stretches of time, it makes far more sense to invest in metal roofing. 

The only obstacles here are the upfront expense of metal roofing and the decreased ability to perfectly color match if repairs become necessary. However, strength is one of a metal roof’s primary selling points typically means that a minimal amount of repairs are ever needed. 

Long Lifespan 

The reality is no other roofing material commonly used in Florida today lasts longer than metal. If you live in a humid location, known for hurricanes, then putting your money in a roof that can last a lifetime is smart. A metal roof installation may last over 70 years if well maintained, in comparison to a shingle roof you are very fortunate to have it last ten years in Florida. 

Superior Resistance to Wind  

Metal roofing is crafted to endure severe weather conditions; metal roofing has the best wind resistance rating of all roofing materials. With the threat of any given summer of destructive hurricanes, a metal roof replacement can provide extra comfort in the well-being of your family. Furthermore, they don’t crack and peel, nor do they absorb water and moisture. They are also resistant to mildew, rot, and rust. 

Increased Appearance

In many people’s minds, a metal roof doesn’t sound appealing, more than likely because they have the older metal roofs in mind. Metal roofing in recent years offers homes a slick, impressive appearance with numerous designs. 

Elevate Home Value 

One of the other major perks of installing a metal roof besides its long lifespan and curb appeal is that a metal roof will increase the value of the property. Potential buyers will understand the benefit of purchasing a property in which they will never need to replace the roof. 

Better Energy Efficiency 

Throughout the summer months, the AC unit in any Florida property is working overtime, often resulting in increased FPL bills. What many don’t know is that this can be in part to blame on the roof, with many roofs being asphalt and asphalt doing a poor job of reflecting heat, it makes an AC work harder than it should. If an asphalt roof is an issue for the AC, a metal roof is it’s best friend.  A metal roof reflects light from the sun and easily releases any heat absorbed, resulting in a big savings of money for the homeowner. 

Environmentally Positive 

For those conscious of the natural world, you’ll be pleased to know that a metal roof is 100% recyclable. As opposed to an asphalt roof, of which all of it goes right into a landfill. 

Resistance To Fire 

You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your metal roof is fire resistant. Metal roofs can tackle lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch a flame. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums 

Most people, after installing a metal roof, will qualify to have lower homeowners’ insurance. Due to the insurance company knowing the likelihood of them ever having to replace your roof is slim to none. 

In addition to all the pros discussed above, the maintenance for metal roofing is quite low. Figuring out which roofing material to pick for new roof installation is a big decision and one that should come after getting all the information. This entry aimed to bring light to the benefits of a metal roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.