How To Get The Best ACH Payment Gateway Tokenization Solution For Your Business

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With the new NACHA mandates on ACH payments impending, finding the best ACH Payment Getaway Tokenization solution for your organization or company is vital. There are a million payment providers out there, but being aware of the best choices for your specific needs is important. But what should you be looking for? Let’s discuss in this article. 

What A Good Payments Provider Can Offer

For ACH Payment Gateway Tokenization solutions, it’s important to start off by saying that most good payments providers will already tokenize ACH transactions. However, companies and organizations that have a one-on-one relationship with their ODFI should take note of certain payments providers, as their transmitting of NACHA-formatted files to their ODFI and back, containing sensitive data and info, typically means they place high in the NACHA mandate tiers. 

The strongest payments providers will offer an ACH Payment Gateway Tokenization solution that communicates with your ODFI through system integration with them. Through this, you not only get tokenization, required by NACHA, but typically also a host of communication advantages, superior reporting, API integration, and enhanced data collection. A good payments provider will also provide one-on-one service to your company, in order to decipher your specific integration needs and details. 

Providers offering ACH Payment Gateway Tokenization will also offer you the capacity to relay your ACH transactions through a range of different channels. Through file submission, you gain a tokenization-supported file format, usually delivered through a secure web portal and with an sFTP connection. Another channel, via API (two kinds: RESTful and SOAP), permits companies to integrate their ACH gateway with their software. 

The higher-end companies will also usually have their own web portals that allow you to safely manage data and operations from the comfort of your own laptop (or for anyone else within your business that needs access). Providers with Virtual Terminals let your organization search and view, reconcile settlements, and receive and study reporting, among various other functionalities. Finally, the best payment providers will pay the highest attention to sensitive data and include various collection tools (such as Javascript-based functionalities) that mean sensitive data won’t get close to your server. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a reputable, knowledgeable payments provider for your ACH Payment Gateway Tokenization, Agile Payments is here to help. Our team of experts can help you every step of the way with your specific tokenization needs, and help to ensure that your business is in line with upcoming mandates. Get in touch today to see how we can start changing your business for the better.