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Choose a Professional for Gas Pump Repairs

Nothing is worse than driving up to a gas station and seeing an “out of order” sign on the pump or the ubiquitous plastic bag over the nozzle. Your customers will go elsewhere for their gas if you don’t call for gas station pump repair quickly. Keeping those pumps in working order will save your bottom line.


Gas station fuel pumps transfer gasoline from an underground storage tank to a vehicle or a container, and there are many places where problems can develop along the way. The system involves pumps and valves and hoses and connections, all of which can malfunction. The first step after calling for gas station pump repair will be to figure out exactly what is wrong and then make a list of the parts that will be needed to fix the problem.


Once the problem has been identified, parts are ordered and the repairs can begin. Trained gas …

A Brief History of Pump Technology

No matter whether you are a physicist, engineer or simply a person interested in knowing how the physical world works, it is a good idea to learn the basics of pump technology through the ages. Humans throughout time have developed pumps to better their daily lives as well as promote industry and improve society. From Pompeiian suction pumps to modern Busch vacuum pumps, the history of pumps can be wide-ranging and fascinating.

The Suction Pump

Written records and fragments of remains show that the Romans used suction pumps in the Italian city of Pompeii to move different liquids. This type of pump uses a piston to pull liquid into a chamber through a pipe or network of pipes. It operates by way of atmospheric pressure and partial vacuums. In the 13th century, the engineer Al-Jazari wrote about suction pumps, suction pipes and double action suction pumps in his famous text ‘The …