Everything You Need To Know About Filling Machines

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A variety of industries use filling machines to put the product into containers. The size of container dictates the size and type of machine used. Different materials need different filling machines as well. They range in size, price and shape to accommodate a variety of needs. The scope of your product project can help you decide on the right one. Here’s what you need to know about filling machines.


gallon filling machine can fill either one gallon or five gallon open-top containers with liquid. There are machines with displacement pumps, flow filling machines, tablet filling machines and auger or agitator filling machines. Some use pistons, net weights, overflow and peristaltic measures to fill containers.


Filling machines are designed to work with specific types of material. Using the wrong filling machine for the wrong material can cause problems and ruin the machine. There are machines designed for gels, dry mixes, liquid and candy or pills. The container used dictates the type of machine needed and how it is filled.


The paint industry uses them to fill paint containers. The food and beverage industry may use gallon filling machines but may also use multiple line machines such as those at fast food restaurants. Dry goods such as flour and sugar are filled using the machines. The supplement industry uses them to fill containers for protein powders and supplement pills.


Knowing what you plan to fill and the material used can help you choose the right filling machine. The scale of your business can tell you the size of machine you need as well. No need to buy a machine larger than the product you plan to sell. That is a waste of your time and resources. Each machine comes with a manual on the best way to maintain and use the machine. Follow the instructions to extend the machine’s life.