Easy Boiler Care

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The boiler room is the heart of any building it’s in, particularly the winter. Its radiant and focused heat warms immense buildings. But, like any piece of equipment, boilers require maintenance to maintain functionality. Regular maintenance has the added benefits of increased safety and the opportunity to prolong the life of your machine. Support equipment, such as your deaerator systems, should be checked in conjunction with your boiler.

Beginning of Year

The first time you fire up your boiler you should be on the lookout for a few indicators that something is wrong. First, a thorough cleaning of every component should be undertaken so no buildup of grime impedes the machine’s processes. Vents, inlets, and outlets should also be inspected, blockage in these key areas can cause some mighty problems. The water should be tested for PH balance and the pilot flame should be inspected. This beginning of year inspection is not a simple half-day task and might take a few days to complete with excellence.

Monthly and Quarterly

While the boiler is running, there are a few details that should be minutely inspected on a semi-regular basis. The piping systems — hydroponic, gaseous, and flammable — should be thoroughly inspected, particularly to reduce the risk of leakage or burst pipes. Fittings and valves should also be inspected to make sure that there are no minor or slow leaks.


Daily maintenance on your boiler is relatively simple. First and foremost, the boiler area needs to be clean. No clutter should be surrounding, leaning on, or under your boiler. This allows you to not only protect the boiler from denting and scuffing but ensures you can spot leaks as quickly as possible. All gauges should be checked at least once a day, and all panels should be read and taken care of. Finally, just be aware of your machine. Listen for odd noises, and other simple things slipping through the cracks.

With the proper boiler set up, you can heat immense structures. With the proper maintenance, you can heat those structures for years to come.