Cleaning Services: Freelance or Corporate?

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Hiring a cleaning service can provide you with extra time to focus on things that matter and not be bogged down by keeping up with chores around the house. A little time on the front-end selecting the best fit for you will avoid headaches down the road. Here are some things to consider when selecting a cleaning company Olney MD


Freelance cleaners generally come in two forms. One group is people who don’t work for a company. These would likely be individuals you negotiate with and pay directly. The other would be individuals who work for companies as freelancers. With the latter, you would work with a representative of the company and pay the company while they managed the relationship with their freelance contractors. With the former, you pay the individual directly, but often with cash or a check made payable directly to them and no invoice or receipt. While this saves money upfront, depending on the hours they work and money paid, this could leave you responsible for paying taxes. 


Hiring a cleaning company costs more per hour, but leaves the company with the burden of vetting employees, paying their taxes, and managing any issues that arise from the business relationship. With a cleaning company, the liability generally rests on the company. If a company employee falls or is injured in your home, the company should assume responsibility for taking care of their medical costs, and they should also provide worker’s compensation. 

Hiring an individual freelance cleaner can save tons of money both in theory and practice, but you also assume a higher amount of responsibility, liability and risk in the process. When hiring a cleaning service, make an informed decision that will allow you to achieve your goals and stay in budget, but without the additional risk.