Business Data: How to Choose a Trustworthy UK B2B Data Provider

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If you are an entrepreneur, then you should be familiar with the B2B or business to business. It means that you are trading your products or services to other companies. This only shows that you are supporting these firms in order for them to operate, function and grow. Most of the things that are usually offered here are raw materials or other finished products and various consultations as well as services rendered. Anything that you can offer to others that would be profitable could mean B2B.

However, to excel in this field, you also need to plan and develop an effective marketing strategy. You also have a brand to build and the competition is quite tough. That’s why you have to choose b2b data providers, who will be very helpful in transforming your efforts into earnings. Through this, you will be able to connect with more clients and visible to your target customers. This provider must be designed with high quality to avoid campaign failures, which may bring a negative effect to your establishment.

It only shows that choosing a reliable B2B data provider is, indeed, a very important thing to decide on. If possible, you have to be certain and make sure that you can choose a partner, who can carry the results, which you would like to achieve. It is not that easy to find a genuine provider, who will truly care for you because most of them are just after the money. That’s why we have here a few tips on how you can choose the one that can deliver you the best records, which is specifically tailored for your needs.

Verified Source

You should also know the source of your provider. I supposed, they will be transparent when it comes to this information. It is just right for you to know where it is coming from for your security and protection. Anyway, this is just a preliminary investigation on your side as a client to avoid dealing with the wrong people.

Well, after finding out that the source is credible, you may then consider them as a partner. By the way, the reliable ones are always updating their DB system. They make sure that the records will always be fresh and clean. Through this, you will achieve better results and meet your goals as well.

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As entrepreneurs, you should have checked, if they complied with the rules, regulations and requirements of the Data Protection Act – go to to learn more. They should register with the ICO or Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom. This is for a lawful and fair collection of information.

Some of them may also register with the DMA or Direct Marketing Association. This is a huge association, which is comprised of more than 1,000 networks of companies.

Basically, it is also very important for them to give valid contact numbers, emails and office address. If these things are revealed on their website, then it means that they are not hiding something.


No provider will give you a 100 percent guarantee that they can deliver a verified information, regarding your target consumers. It’s because there are variables or elements that may change in time. They also deal with various challenges in data transformation. Sometimes, database systems may fail, too. It could also be that collecting information takes time. Because of these collecting and sending details are affected.

In my opinion, it would be best, if they will tell you that all gathered details will be directly sent to you through email. And then, messages will be sent to the corresponding recipients. These processes must be clearly explained and demonstrated, instead of giving you false promises.


They should be able to deliver your specific needs. Actually, the more information they can present, the better. It is because you are going to use these details and link to other fields to come up with a list of target customers.

In fact, they have to ensure that you can use the information for your marketing strategies. They also need to analyze the current clients and find out things that drives them. Through this, they will be able to find prospects from their own database.