How I Found the Right answer for AgilePM

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I’ve been writing this for the last few months just to keep me interested.  I’m always learning new things about the industry of PM for two main reasons;

I know that I will easily learn from you.  Please let me know if I am missing anything. As learnt on a agile pm training courses.

First off, I started as an intern when a bunch of internships started running the same thing.  So, I had a sense of what to expect and something to look forward to.  Boy was I wrong.  This is why I’m asking you for help.  I know you are sitting in your office all day there reading this.  Doesn’t that make you want to ask me if I know anything?

I recently closed a contract with an experienced project manager who was leaving the industry, so now I have a couple of clients to outsource to.  As I was speaking with one of my assistants, she said she believes that finding work in this field is tough.  Why is that?  Because I want to meet with a real life experience who can help me guide me through my project.  At the same time, she admitted that she couldn’t see herself ever wanting to try this career.

I have another piece of advice for you.  Don’t ever think it is impossible for you or anyone else to be successful in industry.  This is your passion.  No matter how much your project or business is successful, you should always try to apply certain business practice, they are all ‘just business’.  If you focus on the right concept to bring focus to your project, making yourself and your team successful your chances of having a successful project will be a lot higher than a make it up plan.  This is a good method of success, staying focused on your dreams and ideas.

A business venture that I tried recently, was a banner ad in the yellow pages.  I would call myself the 5th person that tried to advertise it.  I didn’t really know what what to expect, but it ended up getting nearly no advertising.  The only thing I gained in that experience is that I became confident I could never tackle this.

Another thing I want to say.  I saw a lot of hype and frustration in the industry.  For example, after starting a project, I can’t understand why the contract does not last for a year.  I’m not the first one to have trouble keeping a few customers, especially when I was a small business owner.  So, we live in a time of shame.

If we think about success map:

I want to share my story also via my blog.  “If you aren’t sure about what it is that you love, take a mental pill to stop the madness, put your feet in a Happy place, and think about the things you love.  Go to the place where you would be most comfortable, whether that is at the beach, walking a path, or sitting in a chair.  Whatever brings you there is just fine.  Once you are there, you will find the right answer.”  Those are the steps I will take to You.  Once I found those things, I’m sure you noticed a huge difference in my project management and personal life.  I want more than anything in this world to change my current situation, so I have to share you the way I am going to do it.  What are you worth to me?  That’s what your heart is really about.