Styling an Exposed Basement Ceiling

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Your ceilings are potentially one of the most underrated steps in your improvement process. Throughout the rest of your house, you aren’t walking taking a look at your ceilings all the time. If you did, you might trip as well as pain on your own, so we would highly discourage it. Nevertheless, when taking a look at each room all at once outside of your basement, your ceilings are seen much more as part of a whole area rather than an essential part by themselves.

This is due to the fact that in your primary flooring and upstairs spaces, your ceilings figure in the perception of the room as well as lighting. The rest of that can be customized with windows, added lighting, as well as the plan of your furnishings. In your basement, among the most effective ways to raise the appearance as well as enhance your overall understanding of the room exists over your head.

Kinds Of Basement Ceilings


Confined ceilings are the common ceilings that you discover when you are looking throughout your home. Every one of your support beams of lights and any kind of additional circuitry is concealed by developing materials. You seek out as well as see either a strong canvas or something a bit much more creative. You can likewise experiment with structures and also lights depending on exactly how you would certainly like your ceiling fans to look.


A tiled ceiling is one of the easiest methods to integrate ornamental components right into your basement. You can go the conventional course as well as stick with the shades of white and beige floor tiles, OR you can attempt something a little differently. Floor tiles are a fantastic means to take a look at different patterns, textures, shades, and also general style components. It is likewise a method to obtain that “luxe search for much less.” There are plenty of marble-looking floor tiles that could be an option for your basement ceilings (or floors) for that matter.

Acoustic Tin:

Tin ceilings were made famous by traditional clubs. Their reflective surface areas aided with sending that dim light. This enables feelings to be set for leisure as well as possible links. This could be an excellent choice for those that are aiming to produce a downstairs bar or home entertainment room for loved ones.

Tin ceilings are likewise helpful for adding structure to your area without the single nature of common sheetrock ceilings. In those traditional bars, you would typically see truly elaborate patterns on those ceilings. Several of them were embossed and also increased. It permitted the creation of an intimate space along with extra personality to your space.


Revealed ceilings are those where you search for and see assistance beams, rafters, and pipes. These were most definitely popularized in the industrial or modern-industrial layout aesthetic. It offered that edgy minimal look. Frequently the understanding of rooms with revealed ceilings is dark to no lighting and also darker aesthetics. Nonetheless, with the ideal options, your area can be as well-lit, warm, and also welcoming as you would such as.

You can include different aspects into your subjected ceilings that would certainly express your imagination and also change your space into something you would certainly want to consistently occupy.

What to Do with Your Subjected Cellar Ceilings?

If you are looking for an exposed basement ceiling for your completed basement, you most definitely have alternatives when it involves making your space really feel natural.

Repaint your pipes and light beams: This would be an outstanding means to incorporate color and also light into your space. Brighter colors will certainly cheer up the space and make the room show up also larger. Likewise, the comparison of the bright colors with the shades of the exposed ceiling will certainly also add a nice design aspect to your room.

Illumination: With a subjected ceiling you now have much more possibilities to explore different illumination sources. You can utilize various types of lights and also ceiling fans that would certainly match your aesthetic with no issue.

Seasonal decor: you ought to feel free to create your very own winter season wonderland throughout the vacations. You could easily hang holiday lights, accessories, and also numerous other things from your support light beam to transform your ceiling right into whatever dream you are thinking of. 

Fun Reality: Finished Basements Plus has great options for your finished basements ceilings including our Suspended Ceilings and also Painted Joist ceilings that offer a great solution for you no matter if you prefer a revealed ceiling or an enclosed ceiling, or if you are torn between the two.

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