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The Future Of Biometrics & Building Automation At Airports

We have come a long way in recent years when it comes to improving the experience for passengers and staff at airports from a digital standpoint. Indeed, the influx of biometric operations such as our innovative MFlow technology has made things easier and quicker than ever for all involved. But what does the future hold? What can we expect in the next five years, the next ten years and beyond for biometrics at airports? Let’s now take a closer look as to what may happen (because we can only predict the future as opposed to outright stating what awaits).

To start off, more and more airports are appreciating the benefits of biometrics. We are coming to the end of the early adopter stage, and we are now moving into the early majority stage. By the time that we get to the middle of the next decade, we will be in …

Use Of Floor Expansion Joints For The Building Surface

The buckled floor is not a good sight to see. You should always need the floor expansion joints as they allow the floor surface tiles to find some space to contract and relax. The incorrect joints that are caused by the normal installation of the tiles will lead to various flooring issues like cracking. The buckled floors are hard to pull up too. Several accidents are caused by the buckled floors. The tiles due to the temperature changes expand and contract. This causes the tiles to crack open when they do not get any space. In such situations, it is better that you use the floor joints.

At the time of summer months, the flooring comes close to each other. Thus, there is no requirement for the repairs. But, the tile floor expansion joint becomes a quite problematic at the time of winter or when the new tiles are installed …