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Common Truck Driving Jobs for New Drivers

There are many different types of truck driving jobs available on the road today. Some drivers may take on truck driving jobs hauling grain while others may haul livestock, automobiles, heavy equipment or furniture. For new drivers, the most common types of jobs that can be taken are flat bed, refrigerated, dry van and tanker.

Flat Bed

Flatbed loads often require more work as the items being hauled may be oversize goods or require additional securing, such as automobiles or construction equipment. While the driver is expected to be familiar and experienced with how to properly secure different types of loads and equipment, the pay is also higher.


Refrigerated loads involve product that needs to be kept at a specific cold temperature. Some potential refrigerated goods may be medical items or perishable frozen foods. The hauled goods need to be regularly checked during transportation to ensure that the truck …

5 Common Tax Mistakes To Avoid

Tax season is one of the most stressful times of the year. No one enjoys it, but If you’re doing everything right, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Here are the five most common tax mistakes that you should avoid when using Taxfyle.

  • Know important dates

It isn’t just about filing taxes, but also knowing deadlines for requesting extensions and paying quarterly taxes.  

If not done on time, it can result in you being surprised by tax penalties and interest, says the blog at Taxfyle.

Taxfyle is a software that connects you to a professional so you can file your taxes on time, efficiently and with no stress.

  • Incorrectly reporting income

The IRS audits your personal finance and finds that you under-reported income, you could face some hefty charges. But the IRS understands that mathematical errors can happen when it comes to reporting your business payments …