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Technology for Business: Function over Fun

Technology for your staff is essential, especially in the ever-changing digital world. When you decide what to order for your employees, be sure that it serves an actual function and is more than just a toy. Unsure where to start? 

Laptop Carts

Schools and libraries have found that laptop carts are a valuable asset when a lot of people need a computer at the same time. These carts can contain anywhere from a dozen to 32 laptops all at once. They do more than provide storage: Laptop carts can also charge the machines and have swivel casters with lock for easy portability and safety (especially if you need to push them a long distance or up/downhill). The locking mechanism holds the cart in place so it doesn’t roll away in the middle of a meeting. So long as you have access to a 220-volt outlet then your cart is ready …

A Brief History of Pump Technology

No matter whether you are a physicist, engineer or simply a person interested in knowing how the physical world works, it is a good idea to learn the basics of pump technology through the ages. Humans throughout time have developed pumps to better their daily lives as well as promote industry and improve society. From Pompeiian suction pumps to modern Busch vacuum pumps, the history of pumps can be wide-ranging and fascinating.

The Suction Pump

Written records and fragments of remains show that the Romans used suction pumps in the Italian city of Pompeii to move different liquids. This type of pump uses a piston to pull liquid into a chamber through a pipe or network of pipes. It operates by way of atmospheric pressure and partial vacuums. In the 13th century, the engineer Al-Jazari wrote about suction pumps, suction pipes and double action suction pumps in his famous text ‘The …