Technology for Business: Function over Fun

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Technology for your staff is essential, especially in the ever-changing digital world. When you decide what to order for your employees, be sure that it serves an actual function and is more than just a toy. Unsure where to start? 

Laptop Carts

Schools and libraries have found that laptop carts are a valuable asset when a lot of people need a computer at the same time. These carts can contain anywhere from a dozen to 32 laptops all at once. They do more than provide storage: Laptop carts can also charge the machines and have swivel casters with lock for easy portability and safety (especially if you need to push them a long distance or up/downhill). The locking mechanism holds the cart in place so it doesn’t roll away in the middle of a meeting. So long as you have access to a 220-volt outlet then your cart is ready to get to work for you!


Thanks to apps and added features that allow customers to swipe their cards onsite, the fuss of dealing with a register is eliminated and streamlines the entire transaction process. More than just for playing Candy Crush, tablets are slowly replacing traditional cash registers at retail locations, restaurants and small businesses. 

Additionally, tablets are perfect for check-in kiosks at places like doctor’s offices or salons/spas. The sleek, smooth design looks modern and stylish, but the tablet itself is a breeze to clean and keep sanitized.


If you have employees that are on the phone for many hours a day, investing in headsets might make you a hero to those people. While there are some that are Bluetooth and worn in your ear, even the traditional headband-style headsets can work perfectly. They allow busy hands to be free to type and click while still serving customers over the phone. Moreover, you can walk around within a certain distance of the phone (usually about 25 to 30 feet). It really is the small things in life that make the difference!

Dual Monitors

Secretaries, payroll officers and administrative assistants will never stop thanking you for giving them a second monitor. The added functionality of having two screens allows for more tabs and windows to be open, which helps them to multitask and get the job done more efficiently. 

It’s essential to make smart purchases for your small business, especially for such big-ticket items as electronics. Assess your company’s needs and decide what technological upgrades will serve it best.