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Oklahoma Owes Citizens

“I didn’t realize I had it.” says Leiland Osmond, in the wake of being brought together with $150 of his missing cash in an Oklahoma unemployment outreach program at the State Fair. Oklahoma State Treasurer Scott Meacham says he’s not the only one. “Clearly, many individuals have lost cash and don’t understand it.” says the Treasurer in an ongoing report by Oklahoma’s KSBI-TV. Visiting the reasonable satisfied for Osmond who intends to share his recently discovered cash. “My grandkids will deal with it.”

An additional $150 is sufficient to light up anybody’s day, yet in another report by NewsOK, an inhabitant of Norman, Oklahoma snatched significantly more than that . The fortunate unclaimed resource proprietor was brought together with $30,000 from some lost AT&T stocks he had overlooked. As indicated by Tim Allen, representative for the State Treasurer’s office, the stocks were sold by the State and the returns were …